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Cowboy Corgi Puppies. Cowboy Corgis are a cross between an Australian Cattle Dog/Heeler and a Pembroke Corgi or Cardigan Corgi. I also raise Australian Cattle Dogs, Blue Heelers, Red Heelers, Miniature   Standard Heelers.

UPDATED 1-3-2021

Fort Smith AR


Call or Text 479-252-2241

I take Zelle, Wire Transfers, Venmo or cash for deposits and payments.

You are welcome to come pick your puppy up or fly here and take it back in cabin with you as a carry on. I have a family that is doing ground transport for me now. I'm so happy with their service I don't plan on shipping by air again. I am using 2 companies for ground transport, both do door to door delivery. They will bring your puppy to your house.

.Please go to the bottom of this page for more information.

If you would like to reserve a Cowboy Corgi puppy from one of my next litters let me know. Tris and reds are $500 and merles and brindles are $750 a deposit of half will hold your pick/puppy the balance is due when your puppy is old enough to leave.

I do weekly updated pics of my puppies on my facebook page. 


I Here are some of my girls that are currently bred for Cowboy Corgi puppies and 

I have raised standard Heelers/Australian Cattle Dogs for years and I am the original breeder of Mini Heelers/Miniature Australian Cattle Dogs. My Minis are 100% Heeler there is nothing used in their breeding to make then smaller other than just breeding size down. Many people have come after me that use other breeds to get them small faster like Chihuahuas and Rat Terriers.  A Miniature Australian Cattle Dog is 17 inches or less at the shoulder anything taller is a standard Heeler and there are no toy Heelers/Australian Cattle Dogs. If it is 10 inches tall or 17 inches tall it is a MINI.

I started raising Cowboy Corgis along with my Heelers in 2010. People ask me all of the time what is the difference between a Cowboy Corgi and a Heeler. Our Cowboy Corgis are a cross between our Blue Merle Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Blue Merle Cardigan Corgi and Cowboy Corgi sires and our Miniature Blue and Red Heeler and Cowboy Corgi moms. They are precious souls with all of the awesome love and bonding of a Heeler but with a little more laid back personality than a Heeler. 

All of my puppies have a 1 year health guarantee. 

Many of The Cowgirl's puppies grow up to become service dogs for our returning service men and women that have PTSD or are emotional or medical support service dogs for children and adults as well. 

You saw a puppy you are interested in and you want to know what next...

 Give me a call or text you can email but I am slower responding to emails to visit about the puppies. I can answer your questions fastest and more completely if you call. I don't take payments through the mail or credit or debit cards anymore. I take wire transfers, Zelle, Venmo and cash for deposits and payments. 

All deposits and payments that are made on our puppies are non-refundable. If you decide that you can not have your puppy after you have put a deposit on it, you have credit towards any other puppy we have at anytime in the future when your situation is better again.

You can drive and pick your puppy up, you can fly and take your puppy back in cabin as a carry on or I use ground transport services that do door to door delivery. The cost of that is $300-$400 typically most are $400.

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