Sparkle is close to having her puppies. I'm not guaranteeing she's going to start tonight but I suspect she will. 10-3-2022


June Bug's puppies that are being delivered will be picked up near the end of this week. The driver is going to Florida first and coming back to get them. He is concerned about getting into Florida with extra puppies because of all of the damage and flooding caused by the hurricane. I agreed with him that the safety of the puppies comes first and I would rather they were here safe and make their trip a few days later seperate from the trip to Florida. 10-3-2022

Since facebook took my Cowboy Corgis main page down and put me in jail for a month I will start doing all announcements and updates here.

Cody says hey mom it's time for bed 😂❤ you see his ears up there? 3-25-2019

Mud Blue Merle Corgi
baby foal
horse and child
puppies playing
cowboy corgi puppy
little girl hugging her new Cowboy Corgi puppy
Little girl holding her new Australian Cattle Dog puppy
Lady holding her new Miniature Australian Cattle Dog puppy
Child holding her new Cowboy Corgi puppy
Man in wheelchair holding his new Cowboy Corgi puppy
man getting in airplane with him new Miniature Australian Cattle Dog puppy
young lady holding her new Cowboy Corgi puppy
Miniature Australian Cattle Dogs working horses
Australian Cattle Dog, Blue Heeler on hay

I started raising Cowboy Corgis along with my Heelers in 2010. My Cowboy Corgis are a cross between my Blue Merle Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Blue Merle Cardigan Corgi and Cowboy Corgi sires and my Miniature Blue and Red Heeler and Cowboy Corgi moms. They are precious souls with all of the awesome love and bonding of a Heeler but with a little more laid back personality than a Heeler.

I have loved, used, lived with and raised Heelers/Australian Cattle Dogs for the majority of my life. Heelers are the best friend you will ever have.  Heelers are a working/herding breed of dog. They work by instinct and are incredible companion and service dogs.  A Heeler's life is it's person. All of my puppies will go to stock although most of my puppies are family or personal companions. Most of my puppies go into homes with children or grandchildren in their homes. 

The "Puppies for Sale" page is current and updated daily. Let me know if you see a puppy you have questions about.

All  puppies have a 1 year health guarantee.

Many of our puppies grow up to become service dogs for our returning service men and women that have PTSD or are emotional or medical support service dogs for children and adults as well.