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I'm offering a special $100 discount on any puppy I have! To qualify for this discount take a screenshot of the puppy that you want and text me the pic of the puppy AND tell me where you found my website; google, facebook, or some other place. 6-6-2023


You are welcome to come pick your puppy up or fly here and take it back in cabin with you as a carry on. I use ground transport for delivery of my puppies. I love their door to door service, they charge a flat fee of $500 to anyplace in the continental U.S. If you want to get 2 puppies the delivery is $250 for the second puppy. Your also welcome to use a different ground transport if you can find one for less but I do not ship by air. There will be an additional fee of $50 to cover vet and the health certificate for delivery. 6-2-2023

If you want to come and pick a puppy out in person that's old enough to leave, check the website and let me know you first 4-6 favorites. I'll get those puppies ready to go and you can meet them all and pick your favorite and take it home with you. 6-2-2023

If you would like to reserve a Cowboy Corgi puppy from one of my next litters let me know. Tris and reds are $500 and merles and brindles are $750 total. A deposit of half will hold your pick/puppy. After you pick out your puppy the balance is due when your puppy is old enough to leave. When you have a reserved pick you can pick or pass as many times as you want to until you see the puppy you want. We do reserved picks in the order that people do their deposits. 6-2-2023

You are welcome to come pick your puppy up or fly here and take it back in cabin with you as a carry on. I use ground transport for delivery of my puppies. I love their door to door service, they charge a flat fee of $500 to anyplace in the continental U.S. If you want to get 2 puppies the delivery is $250 for the second puppy. Your also welcome to use a different ground transport if you can find one for less but I do not ship by air. 5-11

If you want to come and pick a puppy that's ready now and take it home with you give me a call or text. The next delivery trip will leave on 5-12 and go East. If you want to add a puppy to that trip let me know. 5-11

I'm way behind on puppy pics I'm going to get started on them today 5-2

If you want a puppy with a long tail I need to know today I will band tails in the morning. Powder and Becky Beck have blue merle boys and girls. 4-26-2023


I sold a property a couple of months ago. From that sale I got 3 brindle AKC Cardigan Welsh Corgi puppies. The last 2 made it here last night. I'm so tickled with them. 4-5-2023

It's going to be Thursday at the soonest before I can start on puppy pics. I have new litters that I don't have on here yet I'll probably start with them first. 4-5-2023

Good Morning :) Geez I've been running like crazy and haven't put anything on here for nearly a month! We have a trip going west (all directions west of Arkansas far north, far  south and to the coast) around 4-15-17. Any puppy old enough to leave from now to 4-15 can be added on that trip. If you live in the other direction you can sure reserve any of the puppies and they will go after the trip west. 4-5-2023

I have the new pics done and will start posting them today  :)  3-8-2023

I have changed people that deliver my puppies. Delivery for 1 is a flat fee of $500 to any place in the Continental US and an additional $250 for a second puppy if you want 2. 



Goldie had her filly Pixie on 3-7 about 11 p.m. She's by KJ Kinda Easy and a keeper for me :)   3-11-2023

I have the new pics done and will start posting them today  :)  3-8-2023

Because scams are something people are dealing with a lot I will start taking a pic of your puppy when you reserve it with your name and date on the pic. I'm not going to do it for everyone that just wants me to do it but for people that are reserving a puppy I will do it same day. 3-4-2023


Here is a quick picture recap of my week lol. Calves, pigs, quail, chickens, horses and puppies :) 3-3-2023

Good Friday morning :) It rained like crazy in Arkansas last night and it's still raining this morning :) I am transitioning away from FB and will post announcements here that I used to post on FB. My website daily posts will have pics of my dog, puppy, horse, cow, pig, chicken, quail life lol. I moved the loafers (I have dogs that just like to hang out in the puppy house) out of the puppy house yesterday and am going to get it cleaned and ready to put moms and puppies in. 3-3-2023 

I'm in facebook jail again. I will still post some on FB but my announcement page here will become my "blog" and where you will find my FB type of posts. Send me a text with your email address for updates I will be sending out as soon as I get a program set up to do announcements on new litters being born, when I'm going to do new pics to update the website and of your puppies you have deposits on, when puppies will leave for delivery and fun stuff happening around. 2-27-2023

I'm going to do puppy pics today. I was going to go get 2 bottle calves for me and one for my neighbor today but I'm going to wait until the middle of the week to do that until they get a new bunch of calves in they don't have enough Holstein cross calves for us and we don't want Jersey bull calves. 2-26-2023

duchess rosie (13).jpg
duchess rosie (14).jpg
duchess rosie (10).jpg
duchess rosie (3).jpg
duchess rosie (9).jpg
duchess rosie (12).jpg

Here are some new pics of Duchess, she has puppies with Timmy right now. I will take their pics maybe today. 2-25-2023

duchess rosie (4).jpg
duchess rosie (15).jpg
duchess rosie (6).jpg
duchess rosie (16).jpg
duchess rosie (7).jpg

Here are some new pics of Rosie. She has Baron puppies right now. 2-25-2023

Obviously I'm in FB jail yet again lol

The trip going west will leave 3-2 I think I have a few super cute boys that can go on that trip. Check the puppy page here on the website to see them.  1-22-2023

Today is picture day!!!  2-21-2023

I'm starting an email list and will send out regular email updates for my puppies and horses. I'll use constant contact or something like that that I can make fun. The more facebook becomes an issue I believe this will be the best way to keep up with everyone that would like updates like I was able to do on my first Cowboy Corgis facebook page. Feel free to text your email address to me I will start a new email address just for this website in the next day or 2.

479-252-2241 :)  2-21-2023

Too cute not to share :)  1-22-2023


Part of the East Coast trip leaves today. She's going to delivery all of them but my Nebraska puppy pick up my Florida puppy Woo Hoo I'm getting a new brindle Cardugan Corgi boy. When she brings him here she'll pick up the boy going to Nebraska and miss that winter storm, If you want to come pick out a puppy in person, Roxie Red has one blue merle boy, Elizabeth has 1 blue merle boy and Elizabeth has 2 boys and 2 girls that are ready to can come pick one out in person or they can leave on one of the next delivery trips. 1-18-2023

Happy New Year's Eve!! 12-31-2022

The next delivery trip leaves on 1-3. The 3 puppies ready now and Elizabeth's and Zoie's are old enough to go on that trip. 12-29-2022

I got started on puppy pics yesterday I will finish today. I got the ones old enough to leave and Elizabeth's done. I also got the puppy house cleaned and bleached. I had all of the puppies in the house and the puppy house full of dogs to protect them from the extreme cold weather that we had come through before Christmas. I also rearranged some of the dog pens. 12-29-2022

I'm going to wash the puppy blanket I use for pics this morning and will work on pics today. The only other thing pressing for today is to catch a horse and go pick up coggins and health certificates for 2 horses leaving in the next day or 2.  I'm feeling like I'm about to get caught up and that's a good thing because I really need to stop and do laundry and clean house lol 12-28-2022

I'm really behind on doing puppy pics. This weather and keeping up with Christmas puppies leaving has had me stretched as far as I could stretch and I do pics outside and it's been so cold. I have to go to Fort Smith today and meet a puppy family and get gates for the man building fence on my property. It's going to warm up tomorrow and Thursday so I will get all of the pics caught up with :) 12-27-2022

The next delivery trip is scheduled to leave on 1-3.  Any puppy through Elizabeth's and Zoie's can go on that trip. I will need to know as soon as possible if you want a puppy on that trip so we can get the info to the delivery company. 12-27-2022

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


For everyone asking for Mini cross puppies they are here and due soon. Jitter Bug is very small and is a Mini Heeler/Corgi cross bred to Baron. Little Blackie is a tiny Cowboy Corgi that is a Mini Heeler/Corgi cross and her puppies are by Dually by young really small boy I've just started using to breed with. Sister is a very small Cowboy Corgi she is due now and bred to Magic this is a proven cross of really small Cowboy Corgi puppies. 12-21-2022

I've been trying to get Ranger bred to some of my Corgi girls. I may have waited too long to breed with him again he may be too old. If I can get anything bred the girls will not be available. 12-21-2022

I think about everyone is either experiencing extreme weather or is about to. I've been meeting families picking up their puppies for Christmas for the last week or so. I had a lady fly in during the night last night that I met yesterday with the 2 puppies her sons will be very surprised with Christmas morning. Your welcome to come here and pick in person from one of the last Tater Tots I have ready. I will be getting my outside dogs in the puppy houses and puppies in the puppy house in the house today so I know everyone is protected from the cold coming this way today. I have a lady that will be here this morning to get her Jody girl. I'll try to get pics today if I possibly can. Jitter Bug's puppies are really pretty!! And their eyes should be open anytime. Only 2 are merles. I've had several inquiries about them but none are reserved yet. Remember to save my website I am keeping it as or more current than Facebook. Merry Christmas! if no one else tells you; I love you and hope you have a wonderful day. Remember Jesus is the reason for the season. 12-21-2022

The next delivery trips going both east and west will start out 11-28. The next trip on 12-15 will be the last trip before Christmas. Your always welcome to pick up here most anytime other than at church time. Roxie Blue and Sparkle's puppies are old enough to go on this 11-28 trip. Text me if you want one of their puppies on this next trip. 11-21-2022

316136030_579171744213081_5982257144837149253_n (1).jpg

Easy and Intent's straight race bred colt would make an awesome barrel prospect and would be precious with a big red bow under the Christmas Tree! $1500 I can't guarantee his papers I'm waiting for his dam's papers. 

315459854_579170784213177_1537581579177131858_n (1).jpg

Farm Life :)

315473920_579170220879900_3583227506183964212_n (1).jpg
316113019_579169094213346_5334197345838900008_n (1).jpg
315851583_579173430879579_629856339113515136_n (1).jpg

A few of my Cowboy Corgi puppies that have recently gone home with their new families.


My 2 brindle puppies They're sure pretty. I'm on a waiting list now for a brindle Cardigan boy I plan on having more brindle puppies available in the future.


Julie thought the recliner was the perfect place have her puppies. Unfortunately she also unstuffed it .... 11-19-2022

Oakley and Firefly are ready to have their puppies now. These are Christmas puppies. 10-22-2022

Oreo had her 2 puppies I think we've had some small litters because it was so hot when the girls were in heat. I believe both are going to people with reserved picks. That also pretty much covers reserved picks for now and my next litters are puppies ready during December so they are Christmas puppies. Let me know if you want to be first pick on the next litters. 10-20-2022

The puppy page is current zzzzz 10-9-2022

Judy is getting very close to having her puppies and Firefly will be close behind her. We are going to have Christmas puppies :) 10-8-2022

Sparkle had her puppies on 10-6 there are no reserved picks she has 4 girls and 5 boys I'll do their pics in a few days. Let me know if you want to reserve a girl or boy from this litter. Little Girl's boy and both of June Bug's puppies will be picked up today for delivery.I have the new pics done I will post then later today.  10-8-2022

Sparkle still hasn't had her puppies lol I will probably do pics tomorrow I might have time today I'm picking up Bodie and Gunner there are coming home from the race track today. I might have time this morning. We'll go ahead and do reserved picks on Roxie Blue's puppies today or tomorrow I will post their pics on the puppy page.  10-5-2022

Sparkle is close to having her puppies. I'm not guaranteeing she's going to start tonight but I suspect she will. 10-3-2022


June Bug's puppies that are being delivered will be picked up near the end of this week. The driver is going to Florida first and coming back to get them. He is concerned about getting into Florida with extra puppies because of all of the damage and flooding caused by the hurricane. I agreed with him that the safety of the puppies comes first and I would rather they were here safe and make their trip a few days later seperate from the trip to Florida. 10-3-2022

Since facebook took my Cowboy Corgis main page down and put me in jail for a month I will start doing all announcements and updates here.

Cody says hey mom it's time for bed đŸ˜‚❀ you see his ears up there? 3-25-2019

Mud Blue Merle Corgi
baby foal
horse and child
puppies playing
cowboy corgi puppy
little girl hugging her new Cowboy Corgi puppy
Little girl holding her new Australian Cattle Dog puppy
Lady holding her new Miniature Australian Cattle Dog puppy
Child holding her new Cowboy Corgi puppy
Man in wheelchair holding his new Cowboy Corgi puppy
man getting in airplane with him new Miniature Australian Cattle Dog puppy
young lady holding her new Cowboy Corgi puppy
Miniature Australian Cattle Dogs working horses
Australian Cattle Dog, Blue Heeler on hay

I started raising Cowboy Corgis along with my Heelers in 2010. My Cowboy Corgis are a cross between my Blue Merle Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Blue Merle Cardigan Corgi and Cowboy Corgi sires and my Miniature Blue and Red Heeler and Cowboy Corgi moms. They are precious souls with all of the awesome love and bonding of a Heeler but with a little more laid back personality than a Heeler.

I have loved, used, lived with and raised Heelers/Australian Cattle Dogs for the majority of my life. Heelers are the best friend you will ever have.  Heelers are a working/herding breed of dog. They work by instinct and are incredible companion and service dogs.  A Heeler's life is it's person. All of my puppies will go to stock although most of my puppies are family or personal companions. Most of my puppies go into homes with children or grandchildren in their homes. 

The "Puppies for Sale" page is current and updated daily. Let me know if you see a puppy you have questions about.

All  puppies have a 1 year health guarantee.

Many of our puppies grow up to become service dogs for our returning service men and women that have PTSD or are emotional or medical support service dogs for children and adults as well.

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