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New Puppy Letter and Health Guarantee

Your new puppy is used to having is Atwoods farm Store Ranch Hound High Protein food. My puppies have food available to them 24 hours a day. If you change your puppy’s feed or schedule please do it slowly and mix the food that it is used to along with what you want the puppy to have.

You will find included in your information a shot and worming record. Your puppy has received one or more 5 way vaccines depending on it's age. You will need to continue with it's shot series until after it is 16 weeks old. After that follow the advice of your vet with continuing it’s shot program. Puppies need to be wormed often. I worm my puppies with Panacur/Liquid Safeguard and Pyrantel.  

I give a one year guarantee on the purchase price of your puppy (from the puppy’s birthday), against terminal life threatening genetic disorders. This guarantee is a credit only towards the price of any other puppy that is available or will come available. Because I have no control over intentional or unintentional injury to the puppy or what the puppy is exposed to after it leaves my care I do not guarantee against injury, parasites or contagious diseases. To fulfill the guarantee, I must have documentation verifying the terminal genetic disorder from 2 veterinarians. If they agree, I will happily give you credit toward another puppy and the original puppy must be returned. I do not refund shipping or veterinarian costs or expenses for any reason. I do not raise puppies for resell, any puppy of mine that is resold does not have a health guarantee.

 Deposits are not refundable.

If for any reason you can not keep your puppy please contact me first. I will either take it back or help you with advertising and interviews. I want you to be as comfortable with your puppy’s new home as I am with the thought of you having it now.

Payment for your puppy constitutes your agreement to this contract.

Please text me 479-252-2241 and let me know your the puppy has arrived safely.

Thank you for your business and please love your new baby for ever!

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