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Glenda is amazing. She has gone above and beyond with me to find the perfect pup ❤️
Update. Got my pups! They are beautiful!!! So smart!
If you are looking for a pup I highly recommend Glenda she will work with you and find the perfect puppy   Lisa C 4-17-2019

Very accommodating in helping me find the exact puppy I was looking for. Our pup has the best temperament and as been a joy to add to our family. Very healthy puppy. Will definitely get another dog from Glenda. Thank you for our sweet girl.  Michele M  


We bought 2 puppies from Glenda and their pretty smart, not quite 6 months old.

Joe and Misty P  11-17-2018

Love my puppets!!!! Best dogs ever, the perfect temperament and little beauties!!! Karoline Sauls  10-7-2018

 I have 2 dogs from Glenda! Love them both for 10 and 11 years Smart - Loving - Dogs!! Would recommend Glenda for any of her Dogs :) 10-27-2018

I have two Mini Heelers from Glenda and these two are just the most amazingly best dogs, I ever had. I can’t say enough good things about them. Amy G  10-31-2018

 they are so smart and make wonderful pets
you can't go wrong with one of these amazing dogs Kariann B  10-12-2018

great puppies that are born, parents raised the right way. Jon C  10-12-2018

I have gotten 3 wonderful pups from this breeder and each one is an amazing wonderful healthy dog. I have 2 cowboy corgis and a blue heeler.  Judy J  10-15-2018

I have two of Glenda’s dogs. Love them to pieces. Kristi L  10-12-2018

Love our Cowboy Corgi! Wonderful family and farm dog :D  10-25-2018

temperament and loyalty. they know when it's time to do a job with farm animals and they know when it's time to play. they love to cuddle Brian and Alisha M  3-30-2019 

 intelligent, energetic, great herding dogs Audra S  2-17-2019

Absolutely amazing. We got a puppy for my fiancé’s mom and one for us. They’re so sweet. Awesome customer service. Thank you  Jerica Collins  12-19-2018 

Glenda helped me get the exact puppy I fell in love with, even working with me to circumvent the shipping restrictions (since I live in Arizona and we’re approaching summertime). He is calm, sweet, and very intelligent. I’m so pleased with the experience & with my puppy. ☺️ Alyx M   4-27-2019

Glenda was extremely responsive to calls and requests. Worked diligently with me to get easiest payment made and flight booked. I’m so happy with my Zoe, she’s now 6 months old. Would definitely get another puppy from her and recommend her to a friend! Chandra W  12-17-2018

We have a cowboy corgi and I have to say it is one of the best dogs there is very loving and sweet Samantha B  12-26-2018 

 One of the best puppies I’ve owned. He is great out on the trails and travel thousands of miles as my co-pilot :)  Mary F 10-10-2018

Very easy to contact and wonderful shipping. My cowboy corgi was a hit at the Western Bonanza Stock Show in Paso Robles California. She hauls cattle like a boss at 12 weeks.  Sandra D  2-18-2019

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You saw a puppy you are interested in and you want to know what next...

 Give me a call or text you can email but I am slower responding to emails to visit about the puppies. I can answer your questions fastest and more completely if you call. I don't take payments through the mail or credit or debit cards anymore. I take wire transfers, Zelle, Venmo and cash for deposits and payments. 

All deposits and payments that are made on our puppies are non-refundable. If you decide that you can not have your puppy after you have put a deposit on it, you have credit towards any other puppy we have at anytime in the future when your situation is better again.

You can drive and pick your puppy up, you can fly and take your puppy back in cabin as a carry on or I use ground transport services that do door to door delivery. The cost of that is $300-$400 typically most are $400.

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