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Glenda is amazing. She has gone above and beyond with me to find the perfect pup ❤️
Update. Got my pups! They are beautiful!!! So smart!
If you are looking for a pup I highly recommend Glenda she will work with you and find the perfect puppy   Lisa C 4-17-2019

Very accommodating in helping me find the exact puppy I was looking for. Our pup has the best temperament and as been a joy to add to our family. Very healthy puppy. Will definitely get another dog from Glenda. Thank you for our sweet girl.  Michele M  


We bought 2 puppies from Glenda and their pretty smart, not quite 6 months old.

Joe and Misty P  11-17-2018

Love my puppets!!!! Best dogs ever, the perfect temperament and little beauties!!! Karoline Sauls  10-7-2018

 I have 2 dogs from Glenda! Love them both for 10 and 11 years Smart - Loving - Dogs!! Would recommend Glenda for any of her Dogs :) 10-27-2018

I have two Mini Heelers from Glenda and these two are just the most amazingly best dogs, I ever had. I can’t say enough good things about them. Amy G  10-31-2018

 they are so smart and make wonderful pets
you can't go wrong with one of these amazing dogs Kariann B  10-12-2018

great puppies that are born, parents raised the right way. Jon C  10-12-2018

I have gotten 3 wonderful pups from this breeder and each one is an amazing wonderful healthy dog. I have 2 cowboy corgis and a blue heeler.  Judy J  10-15-2018

I have two of Glenda’s dogs. Love them to pieces. Kristi L  10-12-2018

Love our Cowboy Corgi! Wonderful family and farm dog :D  10-25-2018

temperament and loyalty. they know when it's time to do a job with farm animals and they know when it's time to play. they love to cuddle Brian and Alisha M  3-30-2019 

 intelligent, energetic, great herding dogs Audra S  2-17-2019

Absolutely amazing. We got a puppy for my fiancé’s mom and one for us. They’re so sweet. Awesome customer service. Thank you  Jerica Collins  12-19-2018 

Glenda helped me get the exact puppy I fell in love with, even working with me to circumvent the shipping restrictions (since I live in Arizona and we’re approaching summertime). He is calm, sweet, and very intelligent. I’m so pleased with the experience & with my puppy. ☺️ Alyx M   4-27-2019

Glenda was extremely responsive to calls and requests. Worked diligently with me to get easiest payment made and flight booked. I’m so happy with my Zoe, she’s now 6 months old. Would definitely get another puppy from her and recommend her to a friend! Chandra W  12-17-2018

We have a cowboy corgi and I have to say it is one of the best dogs there is very loving and sweet Samantha B  12-26-2018 

 One of the best puppies I’ve owned. He is great out on the trails and travel thousands of miles as my co-pilot :)  Mary F 10-10-2018

Very easy to contact and wonderful shipping. My cowboy corgi was a hit at the Western Bonanza Stock Show in Paso Robles California. She hauls cattle like a boss at 12 weeks.  Sandra D  2-18-2019

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