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These photos have all been sent to me of my puppies with their families. Some of these dogs are very old in these photos but were my puppies years ago. I love it when my puppy families keep my updated on my grandpuppies through their lives. I can't possibly put all of them on here but this is just a random selection of a few of them I have gotten through the years.

Maddie is still going strong!!!!! I am pretty sure her DOB is 2/10/2005 , her dad was Max and her Mom was Jazzy. She is still active and acts like a puppy!!! Yes, she is a rolly polly!!!! I just wanted to reach out to let you know that she is alive and well. We did have a tumor removed a few months ago and it didn't slow her down any!!! She is a Momma's girl, my protector!!! Doreen NY

You saw a puppy you are interested in and you want to know what next...

Please don't text. Give me a call or email to visit about the puppies. I can answer your questions fastest and more completely if you call. I don't take payments through the mail or credit or debit cards anymore. I take wire transfers, Zelle and cash for deposits and payments. I took PayPal for a couple of months and got taken for $750 so that account is closed and I have signed up for Zelle which I understand is even better because it does transfers for free.Send me an email with your puppy on the subject line (ex: Pepper Girl 1) and please include your contact information in the email. That way I can easily reach you when your puppy is getting old enough to leave and I can quickly see who has each puppy in a litter. If we are going to ship your puppy to you I will need the name address and phone number of who will pick your puppy up at the airport and what airport you want to ship to. I can get to most major airports with United airlines but not always the small regional airports. For my records and so I have the best way to contact you it is crucial that you send me an email with your puppy on the subject line as soon as you decide you want a particular puppy. You may not feel like that is important but it is a big part of my system I am happy to answer any other questions you may have please feel free to give me a call. 


All deposits and payments that are made on our puppies are non-refundable. If you decide that you can not have your puppy after you have put a deposit on it, you have credit towards any other puppy we have at anytime in the future when your situation is better again.

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