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These photos have all been sent to me of my puppies with their families. Some of these dogs are very old in these photos but were my puppies years ago. I love it when my puppy families keep my updated on my grandpuppies through their lives. I can't possibly put all of them on here but this is just a random selection of a few of them I have gotten through the years.

child and dog
happy prson and happy dog
puppy and man on kyack in water
red heeler and baby
couple nd heeler in font of mount rushmore
blue heeler with mountain back ground
blue heeler laying in grass
blue heeler and friend
blue heler and oys
blue heeler looking up
children and dog

Maddie is still going strong!!!!! I am pretty sure her DOB is 2/10/2005 , her dad was Max and her Mom was Jazzy. She is still active and acts like a puppy!!! Yes, she is a rolly polly!!!! I just wanted to reach out to let you know that she is alive and well. We did have a tumor removed a few months ago and it didn't slow her down any!!! She is a Momma's girl, my protector!!! Doreen NY

miniature ed heeler and water
cowboy corgi puppy
child and heeler puppy
muddy child and puppies
children an puppy
lady with 2 coboy corgi puppies
cowboy corgi puppy
cowboy corgi puppy
cowboy corgi puppy
couple with cowboy corgi
cowboy corgi puppy
cowboy corgi puppy
cowboy corgi puppy
cowboy corgi puppy