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What Breeds Make Up the Australian Cattle Dog/Blue or Red Heeler?

So what breeds were used to come up with a Blue or Red Heeler, Australian Cattle Dog or Queensland Heeler (all the same dog by the way)? The list is a lot longer than you might think! If you start from the beginning the first dog was called a Smithfield, it had heavy hair, floppy ears, a bob tail with a dark body and a white ring around it's neck, that dog was crossed with a Native Australian Dingo, the resulting dog was crossed with a Rough Coated Collie. This dog was then crossed with a Blue Smooth Highland Collie, the resulting dog was crossed back on the Dingo again. These dogs then had some Bull Terrier added to them (about 1870), to calm this little fighter down they then added Dalmation into the mix to make a more devoted loyal dog (oops! Excuse the "mix" pun!).  In case you wondered the Australian Cattle Dog was not recognized by the American Kennel Club as a purebred breed until 1980. With that in mind...... can a Heeler have spots? Can they be pure white? Can they have a natural bob tail? Can they have curly hair? Can they be brindle? .... Sure they can... it's all in the genes!

What about the Australian Cattle Dog/Blue Heeler being a Miniature Dog? I realized many years ago that people naturally gravitated towards our smaller puppies, the smaller they were the better they liked them. I set out to keep my highest quality dogs to use in my breeding program that were smallest in size. Through the years I was able to get a smaller and smaller Cattle Dog/Heeler. They are 100% Heelers with no other breed used besides a Heeler..... just years and years of selection and breeding to get a smaller maturing dog.

All deposits and payments that are made on my puppies are non-refundable. If you decide that you can not have your puppy after you have put a deposit on it, you have credit towards any other puppy I have at anytime in the future when your situation is better again. If you decide you don't want the puppy you picked out and you want to change to another puppy understand when a puppy goes back on the website again everyone then thinks there was something wrong with the puppy you no longer want. I am forced to price the puppy for less because it then seems like something is wrong with it because you changed your mind. In that case you are responsible for the difference in price that it was when you picked it out and the reduced price I have to put it at because of the situation. So make sure when you pick a puppy out that you actually want that puppy. It isn't fair to the puppy for your indecision to make the puppy look like something is wrong with it.
After you get your new puppy do not take it to a dog park, public trails, Petsmart or any place where there are other dogs and it can be exposed to germs until it has all three of the shots in it's puppy series. Remember, your new puppy is not protected from transmittable diseases until it has had all of the shots in it's series

Are Heelers Good With Kids?

Probably 90% of our puppies go to families with either small children in the home or grandkids. Heelers are great family pets, they will play with your children until they are played out! Since they are instinctual herding dogs Heelers "fixate" on their people. They want to be where ever you are and do what ever you are doing 100% of the time. They won't always like new people but they love the ones that they are raised with. Our dogs have intentionally to be bred to be companions as well as work if their family wants them to. Ninety-nine percent of our puppies will never herd anything more than their kids in the yard but all of our dogs will go to stock if they have the opportunity. We have been told by other people that they have heard that Heelers are not good family dogs. If you have a Heeler that is only bred to work cattle, they can be extremely aggressive. It is important if you are looking for a Heeler for a companion or for your children that you get a puppy from a breeder that is producing dogs with good minds. We have many puppies that have grown up and are now being used as service dogs and in nursing homes


Here is a another question for you....... "My puppy's ear or ears have not stood up yet ..... what do I do?"

 To start with please try not to handle your new puppy's ears and encourage your children not to play with their ears. If it's ears are not up in a couple of weeks after you get it or it is 3 months old, then get some athletic tape, we find the wider is better, hold the ear up and put a circle of tape around the ear right where it bends. Puppies play very hard here before they leave and at your home after you get them.


PUREBRED AUSTRALIAN CATTLE DOGS DO NOT HAVE BLUE EYES. However an Australian Shepard can have blue eyes. If you have seen a dog that "looked" like a Blue Heeler that had blue eyes it most likely was part Australian Shepard. That does not mean that the blue eyed dog it is not a great dog, it just isn't a purebred Blue Heeler.


    Many of my puppies are service dogs for our returning service men and women that have PTSD. I have worked with The Semper Fi Foundation in the past. 



The Cowgirls Newt F1001-MH

The Cowgirls Sally  F1002-MH

The Cowgirls Sue      F1003-MH

The Cowgirls Sara F1004-MH

The Cowgirls Paige  F1005-MH

The Cowgirls Judy  F1006-MH

The Cowgirls Jenny  F1007-MH

The Cowgirls Nikki F1008-MH

The Cowgirls Dixie  F1009-MH

The Cowgirls Pepper  F1010-MH

The Cowgirls Janie  F1011-MH

The Cowgirls Sweetie  F1012-MH

The Cowgirls Jackie  F1013-MH


The Cowgirls Bailey  F1015-MH

The Cowgirls Star          F1016-MH

The Cowgirls Tinker  F1017-MH

The Cowgirls Tuffy  F1018-MH

The Cowgirls Farah F1019-MH

The Cowgirls Kit  F1020-MH

The Cowgirls Dusty  F1021-MH

The Cowgirls Mesa  F1022-MH

The Cowgirls GingerF1023-MH

The Cowgirls Puppy GirlF1024-MH

The Cowgirls Magic F1025-MH

The Cowgirls Mandy F1026-MH

The Cowgirls Frosty F1027-MH

The Cowgirls RhondaF1028-MH

The Cowgirls Peanut  F1029-MH

The Cowgirls Mesha F1030-MH

The Cowgirls Billy F1000-MH

The Cowgirls WyattF1031-MH

The Cowgirls Sparky  F1032-MH

The Cowgirls Katie F1051-MH

The Cowgirls Cinnamon F1053-MH


The Cowgirls Ranger F1054-MH


The Cowgirls Kitten F1055MH


The Cowgirls Max F1056MH


The Cowgirls Freckles F1056MH


The Cowgirls Daisy Duke F1057MH


The Cowgirls Lori Darlin F1058MH


The Cowgirls Pooh F1059MH


The Cowgirls Peaches F1060MH


The Cowgirls Clara F1061MH

The Cowgirls Elizabeth F1062MH

The Cowgirls Cody F1063MH

The Cowgirls CocoaF1064M

The Cowgirls Red  1000-SH

The Cowgirls Lacy Girl 1001-SH

The Cowgirls Lacy 1002-SH

The Cowgirls Cody  1003-SH

The Cowgirls Koda   1004-SH

The Cowgirls Ruby     1005-SH

The Cowgirls Roxy  1006-SH

The Cowgirls Strawberry Pie  1007-SH

The Cowgirls Blueberry Pie  1008-SH

The Cowgirls Becky  1009-SH

The Cowgirls Kelly  1010-SH

The Cowgirls Bingo  1011-SH

The Cowgirls Boo Boo  1012-SH

The Cowgirls Naomi 1013-SH

The Cowgirls Powder 1014-SH

The Cowgirls Lucky  1015-SH

The Cowgirls Oakley  1016-SH

The Cowgirls Angie  1017-SH

The Cowgirls Penny Lane 1018-SH

The Cowgirls Bobbie Jo  1019-SH

 The Cowgirls Sandy1020-SH

The Cowgirls Shania 1021-SH

The Cowgirls Molly 1022-SH

The Cowgirls Foxy  

The Cowgirls Rusty

The Cowgirls Pokey

The Cowgirls Shelby 

The Cowgirls Sonny Bono

The Cowgirls Koda Pop

The Cowgirls Maddie

The Cowgirls Magic

The Cowgirls Princess Fiona

The Cowgirls Heidi

The Cowgirls Baby Belle

The Cowgirls Duchess

The Cowgirls Shooter

The Cowgirls Precious

The Cowgirls Little Dally

The Cowgirls Dally

The Cowgirls Bea '

The Cowgirls Maddie Girl

The Cowgirls BeBe

The Cowgirls Willy 

The Cowgirls Dually 

The Cowgirls Tippy

The Cowgirls Mud 

The Cowgirls Pat                                 

The Cowgirls Chip                            

The Cowgirls Matt                             

The Cowgirls William                       

The Cowgirls Mommas Girl             

The Cowgirls Ladybug                       

The Cowgirls Oreo                              

The Cowgirls Stubby                         

The Cowgirls Firefly                           

The Cowgirls Shadow                     

The Cowgirls Mesha Girl                     

The Cowgirls Dolly                               

The Cowgirls Foxy Girl                        

The Cowgirls Oreo Girl                        

The Cowgirls Cookie                           

The Cowgirls Doc                              



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